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Martha Godber


“Growing up in a theatrical family, I was very lucky to have unique opportunities, such as sitting in on rehearsals and having conversations with professional actors and theatre practitioners to whom I could always reach out to for advice.  I am very aware of the benefits this gave me in terms of developing my own career as an actor and my ambition is to give similar opportunities to other young people at the start of their career. This inspired me to launch The Godber Theatre Foundation in order to support promising  young creatives from my area. When starting my own drama school training at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) in 2015, I soon became aware of the number of compulsory additional costs the course required, for things such as script fees and headshots. Not to mention the Spotlight membership subscription in my final year (a vital CV platform actors need to step into the creative industry) or gown hire prices at graduation. Sometimes, it could just be the cost of a theatre ticket, or a train fare home. It is often hard for drama students to get a job as they have a large number of contact hours. Having been through drama school training recently, I feel I am in an excellent position to relate to student’s needs and I am passionate about making the arts more accessible to young people, particularly for those from Hull.”